About Us

We’ve been meeting our customers requirements for over 120 years.

At John Hyde Engineering Ltd we deliver best value-for-money subcontract machining and production engineering services to some of the worlds biggest names in plant, machinery, earth moving, engine building and automotive.

Our expertise is in sourcing castings and machining them to deliver quality engineering solutions on-time and at a low overall cost.

We use the most modern machinery and cutting edge production technologies. Our flexible manufacturing capabilities ensure that customer priorities are machined quickly, efficiently and to the highest possible standards.


As an ISO 9001:2015 accredited company we pride ourselves in our rapid response to customers’ needs. This can only be achieved with a total quality culture implemented throughout the organisation and cascaded to our suppliers.

Quality of our production processes is assured using our real-time, centrally monitored, computerised SPC and data capture systems. This in combination with the knowledge of our highly trained engineers, modern facilities and equipment ensure we maintain a right first-time approach.